From Helping One to Helping Many

This all started off with an idea; to help my mom who is fighting breast cancer and quickly grew to helping other cancer fighters. Since beginning her treatments, my mom had to severely cut down her work schedule, and my dad did the same to have time to care for her and make all the doctor’s appointments. I didn’t want to ask for hand outs or donations, but wanted a way to volunteer my time and help them financially. I was going to add a “shop” section to my portfolio site and sell artwork I created and use the profits solely to help out my family. After mentioning this concept to my designer friends, I realized something amazing… everyone wanted to be involved. This idea was so much bigger than just helping my mom, but something that we could potentially help hundreds, maybe even thousands of families around the world in similar circumstances.
Design vs Cancer was established to help families with financial assistance during their fight against ALL types of cancer as well as helping stop cancer at the source by supporting cancer research. We operate as a “for profit” business (Design vs Cancer, LLC), and donate all of our after tax profits (according to the breakdown below) to a non-profit foundation we established called Creativity Helps. From here, we are able to provide financial assistance directly to the families. This is the same way the Newman’s Own company & Newman’s Own Foundation operate. We wanted to operate solely as a non-profit, originally filing for 501c3 status, but after legal consultation, we discovered that splitting our cause into these two parts was that best route for us.

How We Do What We Do

We sell premium designed goods from amazing designers to provide support to those fighting all types of cancer.
Here’s how we break down our after tax profits.


Supports Cancer Fighters

Helping alleviate the burden for individuals/ families during their battle with cancer. A little help can go a long way!


Aiding Cancer Research

Working to help stop cancer at the source by contributing to cancer research.


Designer Royalty

We value the time & talents of our contributing designers for their artwork!