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The State of Design vs Cancer

Posted by | April 08, 2015 | News | No Comments


I got an e-mail just the other day that really bummed me out, and realized, I needed to address things. Before I tell you about the e-mail, let’s start on a positive note before I worry anyone:

Design vs Cancer is still up and running.

The e-mail sent to me stated, “Hey, I’d love to contribute some artwork, but wasn’t sure if you guys are still doing this? I noticed your blog hadn’t been updated since October 2014.” This bummed me out because we’re totally still here, packing orders a few times during the week or on a Saturday morning, but I admit, our voice hasn’t been loud lately. Let me explain why.

On October 6th, 2014, I started as the Art Director of an incredible Creative Marketing Agency, GigaSavvy.

In October, my wife and I started trying to having a baby.


Mission Accomplished!

November/December/January were followed by helping my wife survive the first trimester of pregnancy, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, multiple family birthdays, and a string of food poisoning, colds, flues, sinus infections, and ear infections that are still continuing into April (we should have invested in Kleenex stock this flu season…).

In January/February my wife and I moved (with food poisoning and a cold, it was a hoot and a half).

In March, GigaSavvy moved into their new office space.

From October – Present, I’ve been managing DvC shipments, wrapping up existing freelance projects, running and designing the Construct Supply Co. shop with Alicja Colon, Rob Davarnia, and Mike Jones, helping plan/coordinate the Creative South Design Conference, Art Directing the best team of designers, be a friend, brother, son, husband & soon to be father (I love saying that every chance I get).

While I hope everyone can understand my absence from having more of a voice and interaction engaging new supporters, artists, and customers here for Design vs Cancer, I’ve come to a realization… I can no longer do this alone. I don’t want to do this alone. We have some great things planned for this coming year, but a few extra hands on deck can help ensure everything gets implemented and happens. We have the support of contributing artists, but need some more muscle on the operations side of things.

Part of the beauty of Design vs Cancer since the beginning has always been to involve the design community. Now, I am asking for people who would like to step up and be more than an artist submitting a design, but for help with spreading our story and mission, blogging, social media, artist networking and more. We used to be great about doing regular posts, sharing and lifting up artists all around the world, and I would love to get back to that. The simple truth is that I no longer have the time to do these things all myself. When I ran my own business, I had the flexibility of spending 1-2 days a week solely on Design vs Cancer. I’d write blog posts, curate and schedule out social posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr, connect with artists, contact bloggers and news outlets, and more. I just can’t find that time right now. With a baby due in just a few more months, I know that won’t change anytime soon. I need help and I’d love work with people who have a heart for this cause.

We’re going to be out at Creative South this week selling our goods and spreading the word. We’ll be filling folks in about some families we’ll be raising money for this weekend through our sales. If you’d like to get involved, shoot us a message or better yet (if you’re at the conference) come talk with me.

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